Competency Framework 

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What is it and who is it for?

A competency is the task or activity which is performed to enable inferences about competence to be made.  As an individual’s knowledge, skills and confidence in their role increase, they are able to demonstrate increasing independence and higher levels of performance. 

The competency framework has been designed to define the knowledge, skills and attributes of research delivery staff who work closely with study participants. 

How does it work?

The Core Document contains an introduction and outlines the competencies required; Evidence Forms, which are used to document witness statements, testimonies and personal reflections and blank competency forms, which are used by mentors for Customisation of the framework, if this is required to meet more specific needs.

How do I use it?

Core Document 

The core document consists of the four themes and specific research competencies to be completed and how to complete and achieve your essential levels of performance.

This document provides an assessment framework to enable the mentee and their mentor to review and record their current level of performance within each competence and set targets for progression.

There are two ways to use the framework:

Evidence Forms

Use the Witness Statement or Testimony Evidence Forms to document any supported evidence from other colleagues, managers and peers and the Reflective Account Forms to help you record achievement of competencies.

Mentees should collate evidence on an ongoing basis and notify their mentor when they that they have sufficient evidence to demonstrate competence at the pre-agreed level (and within agreed time limits).

The Competency Framework can be adapted to all research posts.  Mentors can customise the framework,  as not all themes will be always be applicable, using the Blank Competency Forms and assessments summaries, 

Assessment Summary 

You may find the assessment summary template useful for cross referencing your evidence. 

Competancy Framework Resource

View the slide set to learn more about Competency Framework. 

Contact WFD if you would like help using the framework.