Facilitator Community

If you are interested in delivering training and not sure where to start, contact WFD, we can support you with your development and offer shadow, mentoring and coaching opportunities. 

training materials

Download materials for all WMRTC workshops here.  

Contact WFD if you can not find the course you are looking for. 

Facilitating Learning Online

Access a variety of resources designed to help you deliver online.  

Contact WFD if you would like further support, we can help with shadowing, mentoring and coaching opportunities. 


WM (local) Facilitator Community

Access the CRN WM Facilitator Community to use the forum and post a question

NIHR (National) Communities

View the national communities and sign up 

GCP Facilitators - restricted access 

Interested in becoming a GCP Facilitator, contact the GCP Programme Lead to find out more.