Training Pathways

View our training pathways below and contact WFD If you have any questions or want to adapt a pathway for local use.

Learning Pathway for Delivery Staff_Sept20.v3.pdf

New Starter

If you are new to research or simply looking for CPD opportunities, click the image to find out what training we recommend in the first 2 years of a research delivery post.

Copy of CRN WM COVID-19 RESPONSE PATHWAY_Research Assistants

Research Assistants

Take a look at the training pathway to see how we upskilled CRN WM workforce to support Covid-19 studies, as Research Assistants.

Medical Students

Take a look at the training pathway to see how we prepared medical student volunteers for working on Covid-19 Studies.

CRNWM Internship

CRN WM Internships

The CRN WM internship programme provides the opportunity to explore a keen interest in clinical research delivery. It runs for 12 months and combines on the job learning with protected study time (1 day per month) for training. Post-holders will be mentored by an experienced member of the delivery team. This introductory level programme aims to develops skills and knowledge around the NHS and Clinical Research Delivery. It will enable candidates to identify which areas of clinical research they would like to pursue. Click on the image to view the CRN WM Development Programme.

Clinical Research Practioners

If you are applying for CRP status or keen to understand how you can upskill in order to do this, take a look at our registry checklist and upskilling pathway.